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I know that a lot of people can not afford a membership, so I thought that I take the time to post a way on how you can get a free Star Rider code for Star Stable.

There is a fairly new website that is giving them away for free to everybody who wants them. The owners of the site collect the codes from various promotions and offer them on their website. The best part is that they only collect the ones that have no country restriction, so Star Stable fans from all over the world can use them. Due to the fact that they collect them from promotions is the stock of codes always limited and gets updated every few days.


Sometimes they even have free lifetime membership code for Star Stable, but so far I was not lucky enough to get one. I think they are gone pretty fast, as there are so many players and everybody would love to get a free one. It probably would be smart to bookmark the site and check it every morning and look if they added new codes.

I personally was able to get a free 3 month Star Rider membership code from them and one of my friends even got a 6 month one.

I think this site is a very cool idea and should be promoted, so that it gets some good visibility. I have no idea how to do that, but maybe this post will make a small difference. If everybody who got a free Star Rider code from them would write a small post, they would soon be well known.

So don’t be lazy and type away if you got one.


I just thought I’m gonna share another photo with you
April 2014


Jumbo was also a model for the shoot last weekend!


some mermaid color studies, I used this mermaid for a presentation demo at work. it was a fun exercise too!